>September 5th minutes

>Regular Meeting
Sept. 5th 3:00 Throwing Lab
15 members present

Ben motions
TJ seconds
HOT Clay agrees to pay Mark Burleson for a one day workshop and slide lecture in the Fall Semester 2008. Official date to be determined.
vote: 13-yea, 0-nay,1-abstain

Ben motions
Chandra seconds
Hot Clay agrees to pay Tommy Frank for a vendor purchase of pedestals made in the spring semester of the 2007-2008 school year.
Vote: yea-unanimous

Ben Motions
Kelley seconds
HOT Clay will purchase a new eight foot wide roll of gray photo paper.
vote: yea-unanimous

Chandra motions
Ben seconds
Hot Clay agrees to accept fiduciary responsibility of the juror prize for the January 2009 HOT Clay juried exhibition in the event that show entry fees do not cover expenditures of installing and returning work.
vote: yea-unanimous

Ben motions
Kristin seconds
The HOT Clay sale will be held on the 12-13 of November in the Reitz union colonnade bearing upon the ability to obtain proper permits for said dates. HOT Clay will also hold a third sale event coinciding with Art Bash on Friday November 14.
Vote: yea-unanimous

Pat motions
Kristin seconds
Hot Clay as an organization will accept the responsibility of reclaiming class slop clay. Details pertaining to implementation and financial concerns will be decided upon with the guidance of faculty and technical staff.
TJ, Charlie and Kristin will head the committee to research best possible reclaim procedures and report back at a yet to be decided meeting date.
Vote: yea-unanimous

Jason Brigs Workshop: tasks in need of timely assignment due to approaching workshop deadline are assigned as follows
Poster design- Pat
Distribution- Kristin
Chair reservation-TJ, Elliot
Camera and Tripod- Ben

Tabled Motions

Plaster Reclaim, an interest has been brought to the club for the need of new plaster reclaim tables. Elliot has agreed to meet with Ray, the technical lab specialist, about creation of tables and report back next meeting.

HOT Clay t-shirts, Sara will report next meeting on the purchase of hot clay bulk order t-shirts and the creation of said t-shirts.

NCECA conference: Chandra will research hotels and flights for the April 2009 conference in Tempe AZ. 12-15 members plan on attending.


The SA+AH announcement plasma screen located outside the FAC administrative office is in need of more slides pertaining to professional achievement in the arts and other special events. Information is sent to Charlie Cummings, SA+AH office assistant, in power-point format.


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